In Case of Emergency: Break Down.

Forgot I had removed this from the website. So, on the subject of clowns...   In Case Case: an instance of a particular situation; a container designed to hold or protect something. The coffin was elaborate, despite his lack of funds, and the small church full, despite his repeated requests not to, a). ever be... Continue Reading →

Double non-plussed ungood.

Don't give a fuck about clowns, me.   Clown: someone who performs in a silly fashion   “If you’re going to wear a mask at least make it scary.” The clown simply rocked back and forth on the floor, its grin locked in a grimace. “Seriously, you’re wasting your time on me, I’m far too... Continue Reading →

Cliché. Touché.

So I wrote this just before Christmas. Wasn't going to publish it, but now I have. That shows me.   Reborn: to exist again.   It seems funny now. Well, not funny, exactly, but removed. Removed from this reality, my reality. Because I sit here, drinking tea, watching the fire spit its last dying embers... Continue Reading →

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