End of an error.

Not really an error, it’s a pun. I do puns. And I like puns. And I’ve done this one before, I know. And don’t care 😀

So I’ve not been very visible online for a long, long time, because I’ve been busy… busy writing, busy not writing, swearing, not swearing (although not that fucking much) and trying to buy a pub.

True story.

So today I reached the end of an era by actually finishing the first draft of my third book, the conclusion of my as-yet-unpublished trilogy.

And I’m burnt out.

But who cares, this is fun, right?

So now I have to edit, edit and fucking edit again, and, hopefully, make it all make sense. Which it will.

And so I will.

Catch you in a year or so, I guess.


Four years’ worth of work almost done; it’s a weird feeling.


The end of something.


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