It’s the end of the world.

…and the seagulls are circling.


armageddon has turned out almost the way i’d envisioned it. almost.


deadly virus: check

hundreds of thousands dead: check

stupid governmental decisions: check

confused reactions by the populace: check

chaos in the streets: check

chaos in the shops: check

stockpiling: check

conspiracy nuts going into overdrive: check

zombies running/walking riot: hmph. not yet.


i was going to carry on writing something funny about how the other bad thing (lack of zombies is annoying) is that i’ve encountered a massive fucking case of writer’s (or editor’s) block.

but that simply isn’t true. well, it is true, i totally hit a brick wall 4 months ago…

but the fact is those people are really dead. forever. because of bad decisions made by terrible people.

and nothing can change that. no matter what words are written.


anyway. editing book one again, ensuring consistency throughout the trilogy. it’s going slowly, but well. hopefully the real world will follow suit.


James x



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