The Malevolent

Malevolent: having or showing a wish to do evil to others.


“You’re going to die.”

“Don’t give a fuck.”

The hunter was taken aback, speechless.

The bound man laughed, rocking back and forth.

“Stop it,” he demanded.

The bound man’s laughter intensified.

“No, no, shut up,” the hunter shaking his head and punching the bound man in the face, his head slamming back against the wall; the man lost consciousness. “Why is this never easy?” now pacing, unable to stand still — the demons were always the same, screwing with his head, making him behave erratically, crazy — he knew they had powers, and making him act like this was just one of them. “Fuck it,” throwing the knife to the dusty floor, “and fuck you,” pointing at the demon. “I’ll be back, don’t you fucking move.”

The bound man lay motionless on his side, breathing slowly.

“Typical,” the hunter scratching at his beard before turning towards the steps; maybe some fresh air would help.

The sky was blue, air warm, the grass soft under his bare feet. He could not help but feel a sense of optimism, of hope, even though he was going to miss the garden when he moved back to the city.

But he had no choice, it was where his future lie, the mission having gotten harder out in the sticks, the hunter having become, ironically, a victim of his own success. Obviously the demons he had sent back were gone, but the others, having sensed the danger or heard the stories, had mostly fled, too. The demon in his basement, the first he had encountered in more than two months, had been a difficult hunt—they were clearly taking more precautions—but a victory was still a victory.

After a few minutes in the sun, his skin tingling, he took a deep breath.

“Right, let’s do this.”

Back in the sparse basement, the cool air causing his skin to rise in goose bumps, nothing had changed; his prisoner still motionless on the floor, the knife where it had been dropped. The hunter picked it up, testing the edge with his thumb; still sharp.

“Wake up, you fuck.”

© JR Bryden, 2017. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from JR Bryden is strictly prohibited.

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