My very third and belated award winning blog post…

As overtly stated, a much belated award winning blog post… So whilst immersing myself (yet again) in more editing of book two back in May, I found myself inadvertently winning the TV Logline category in Hollywood Hills’ Screenplay Competition, thanks to Chris The-Captain Kerr. Chris was/is helping me thrash out a screenplay/TV-treatment-type-thing for book one, and entered our logline (blurb/hook) into the competition on the off-chance that we were awesome at assembling 16 whole words into a clickbait-like sentence. Which, apparently, we were. Go us 😀

Oh, the logline you say?

Twas this:

A pragmatic detective is forced to question his sanity when confronted by a morally conflicted serial-killer.

(And, in Chris’ words, “I’m taking credit for the hyphen. The rest is, pretty much all Jim. with a little coaching.”)




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