A Lone God

Lone: solitary or single.

God: a person worshipped as having power over nature

“Get on with it.”

The last words he heard, at least in this realm.

He pitied the foolish, those that had doubted him, they knew no better. Yet he was sad to be leaving, he had liked it here. Mostly.

But unfortunately he had felt everything they felt—it was part of the job, after all—the hatred, the anger, the fear. And the love. And sometimes he had thought this the hardest of all.

It was a thing of beauty.

No, he laughed, not the love, but the fact that they, as a species, had survived.

Even if he had not.

Still, it will read well in the report.

He might check in on them from time to time, if his schedule allowed for it. But he doubted it. Business was booming and there was a backlog.

It was always the same.

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