Humane White (III)

Humane: showing compassion or benevolence.

White: pallid or pale.

“I don’t understand,” he cried.

The blur paused, then shouted incomprehensibly once more, raising its hand.

Fuck, panic flashing cold through his veins as he attempted to scramble backwards, metal digging into the base of his neck, before realising that the very same mesh that was blocking his exit still lie between them, his prison now a shield. He relaxed slightly. “Come on, man,” he pleaded, rubbing at his eyes, hoping, praying, for some clarity.

The form lashed out with a foot, the cage shaking violently in response.

Yet he was not hurt.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying,” he tried again, “what the fuck do you want—and where the fuck am I? What the fuck’s going on?!”

The form paused again, then appeared to crouch. The words were still unfamiliar, but the intent was clear; the form wanted to hurt him.

“Fuck you!” he suddenly screamed, an abrupt anger overtaking his flight response, his lips drawing back as he twisted painfully forward to lunge at the mesh; the form jumped back, his utterance formed of fear, of surprise, and Harry—for that was his name, he now remembered—had an acute awareness; the form was as scared as he.


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