Connected: joined or linked together.

Connected: joined or linked together.   “You are not connected.” A simple statement, four words, but with profound meaning. Unless it referred to your wi-fi settings. Which it did. Still, you had to laugh.     © JR Bryden, 2018. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from JR Bryden... Continue Reading →

Do epic shit.

Thought I'd update whoever was interested (and I'm sure - well, I think - that at least two of you are...) on the progress of book three in the Metonym trilogy, The Swarm. Oh, right? That's a shitty title? Yeah? Well, yeah. Probably. But it is what it is and I'm not changing it, because... Continue Reading →

Vinyl countdown.

So today, instead of working on book three, I've been digging through my dad's old stuff, especially his vinyl collection. Like a fool I sold most of mine a few years back, but still uncovered a few gems of his, including Bowie, Isaac Hayes, Neil Young, Carole King, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Elton John, the... Continue Reading →

Anti-social media.

Have spent the last few hours setting up, deleting, and tidying up various social media sites/streams/feeds for myself and my writing in an attempt to be a little more pro-active... however, am pretty sure it's a waste of time since only the other day I pronounced myself as actively and vehemently avoiding "anything with the... Continue Reading →

Cover story…

Just thought I'd post up the covers for books one and two of the Metonym trilogy - Metonym and The Corruption. The crying/smiley face motif is an important element of the overall story arc, representing... well, you'll see, hopefully! The image itself is a photo of some coffee smeared over an old, well worn work... Continue Reading →

My very second incredibly boring xmas blog post

merry christmas as of 13 minutes ago. i am not religious at all in any sense, a consummate atheist, a believer in nothing other than that we are all made of star dust, but christmas is still nice. people get together, eat too much, drink too much, hopefully fun too much. so yeah. that.

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